Best Lashes For Your Eye Shape

What Lash style is right for my eye shape?? By Wispy Winks False Eyelashes

what false eyelash style is right for me? by wispy winks

Hooded, Almond, Deep set/prominent & Close/wide set eyes.

There are many different eye shapes and it can be hard for you to know what lash style suits you. So I'm going to talk you through 4 of most common eye shapes and what best Wispy Winks faux mink lashes will suit your eyes and really make them stand out. 

Firstly lets go quickly explain what the eye shape names mean above;

Hooded Eyes - A hooded eye happens when the crease of the eye folds over the outer corner, sometimes making the eye look downturned or droopy. 

Almond Eyes - They are eyes with an oval shape that are slightly upturned at the outer corner. Almond eyes are often considered the “ideal” eye shape for their feminine look—and their ability to pull off almost any eye makeup look. If only we could all have an Almond eyes (huff)

Deep Set Eyes

Deep set eyes are exactly what they say they are, deep set further towards the back of your skull, they give the illusion of a more prominent brow bone.

Close and wide set eyes;

Close set eyes are when the inner corners of the eyes are very close to the bridge of your nose, wide set eyes are the opposite. Simple.

Lets Begin;

Don't be scared by your eye shape, it doesn't mean their is anything wrong with your eyes at all. We just all have different eye shapes and this blog will help you choose the best lashesfor your eye so you can get that amazing look right first time.

Hooded Eyes

Having hooded eyes myself I always found it very hard to figure out the false lash style for my eye. Making many mistakes in the past with false eyelashes I purchased. 

When you have hooded eyes it can be tricky to know what lash style will make your eyes look more open and awake.

Stay away from very thick based lashes as these will make your eyes look smaller. Using a gapped based lash like our Stargazerlash will allow people to see through them and see your eyeshadow which creates an illusion to make the eye appear larger. Also a winged lashed with a very sparse inner corner can turn your hooded eyes into a cat eye, The most flattering lashes to create this illusion would be our Hypnoteyes lashes. They are very sparse on the inner corner but have that WOW effect on the outer corner!

star gazer false eyelashes winged and full bodied by wispy winks Stargazer  

hypnotise full bodied false eye lashes for hooded eyes by wispy winks Hypnoteyes 

Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond eyes are the easiest eye shape to work with and you can get away with any style of lash, lucky you!!! In my history of being a freelance makeup artist I always applied a heavy based winged lash to any client with almond eyes. The wing on the lash creates a beautiful cat-eyed effect bringing loads of attention to the eyes. The best thing is they can be as dramatic as you want on the inner and outer corner, With a pop of inner corner highlight you create a very effective eye look.

If you love a big bold lash then go for it! Our Fierce and Majesticlash will look amazing on you!! Have fun and own it!! But any lash will work so have a look at our Wispy Winks Faux Mink Eyelashes here. Pardon the rhyme, i'm a poet and I know it. 

Deep Set & Protruding eyes

Now, these eye shapes can be very tricky probably the hardest to know what lash style to use, I have found that you can wear very long wispy lashes with a thinner lash band, They open the eye up and create a doe eyed effect. You would want to stay away from very thick lashes as you may create the illusion of an even deeper set or protruding eye. The thinner the base the better! The best lashes we have for this eye shape would be our Stargazer & Dramalama Lash, They are both beautifully long yet sparse at the base allowing people to see your beautiful eyeshadow.

drama lama false eyelashes by wispy winks for deep set and hooded eyes Dramalama

stargazer fake eyelashes by wispy winks for deep set and hooded eyes Stargazer

Close & Wide set eyes

Close set and wide set eyes are complete opposites and there is a very simple way to determine the lash for these eye shapes.

With close set eyes you want to create a wider looking eye. Using a Winged lash i.e Just Wing it, Whisk me away & Hypnoteyes will create the illusion of this. The long wispy lashes at the outer corner creates a beautiful cat eyed effect changing the shape of your eye instantly.

whisk me away false eyelashes by wispy wink for wide eyes  Whisk me away

Just wing it fake eyelashes by wispy winks for a wide set eye  Just Wing it

With Wide set eyes you want to do the opposite, Bring more attention to the centre of the eye. Using a lash that is rounded will bring attention to the centre of the eye and creating the Illusion of closer set eyes. For instance using a lash like our Sex Bomb or Whats Good focuses the attention on the centre of the eye, Stay away from dark thick lashes on the outer corner.

sex bomb fake eyelashes by wispy winks for wide set eyes Sex Bomb

whats good false eyelashes by wispy winks for wide set eyes Whats Good 

I hope this gives you some help with what lash styles to choose from our range! There are no “rules” but lashes can work in your favour in many ways! Don't forget to check out our whole range of lashes here. Visit our website to see all of our makeup products and lashes, You can still have luxury and style without breaking the bank.

We will always will be a cruelty free company. 

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