Eyelash Instructions/Care

Thank you for purchasing a pair of Wispy Wink Lashes, keep them in the original packaging to ensure they stay in their best condition.


Application Of Lashes


Remove your  Wispy Winks lashes from packaging


Measure lash to natural lash line and trim excess from outer corner with small scissors. 


Apply a layer of lash glue to the band and allow the glue to get tacky for 30 seconds


Apply lash as close to natural lash line as possible securing inner and outer corner and press gently.





Remove lash gently by pulling slowly  from outer corner to inner corner. Be careful not to grab your natural lashes.


Wash eyes to remove any residue of adhesive.


Caring For Your Lashes


When removing lashes from packaging use tweezers or a lash applicator and peel the lash from the outer corner to inner corner slowly. Do not pull them off fast as you may cause damage or rip them.


After using your lashes remove any residue of adhesive and gently clean your Wispy Winks in warm water. Then place them back into their packaging, you can re-use the lashes up to 10 times!